Saturday, November 15, 2008

Greenville, NC Prop 8 Protest support..

Below will be the Good, the Bad and Ugly, about this National Protest.

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The protest was to take place in front of the Courthouse, so where along the line they decide to have it in front of City Hall of Greenville, NC, and a course there was a church on the other side of the road.

I arrive early to Greenville this Saturday. I had lunch at The Tipsy Teapot (490 South Evans Street, Greenville). One of their employee was at the protest. There was about 30 people at this event, Channel 7 since a Camera man, and Greenville newspaper sent a reporter and photographer as well.

However I'm mad at the LGBT Community of Greenville, I feel more should have shown up. Really 30 people to represent the whole LGBT community of Greenville.When is our unity in our community, this was a let down. I can only guess these members didn't feel it was their fight too.

There was not a counter protest at all, when we march down the street from Greene St. to Cotonche St and back to Greene St in front of City Hall only one couple have the nerve to say anything, and it was the usual Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. No reply was giving at all.

After the march a small group, regroup at The Tipsy Teapot, where light conversation took place.

Many drivers honk their horn when they went by, there was rememberable note, in one of the cars the driver's son try to get his mother to honk the horn but she wouldn't so he lend over and honked the horn himself, I wonder will we see this young guy soon in our community??

Greenville National Protest on Prop 8

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