Friday, November 21, 2008

Emails and Comments about Ms Burgess

Ok, lets get this started. I was raise to respect my elders, ok more or less my female elders. This is the was I was raise.

I was told in the many emails and those few comments that were posted that  I didn't have all the facts when it come to Ms Burgess. Click here for the Comments.
The little old lady with the Cross, Phyllis Burgess, wasn't just an innocent bystander,
true maybe she wasn't so innocent, maybe she is the long lost sister of Jessie Helms, beside that, how we as a group attacked her while the cameras were rolling is unexcusable. The attack on her makes us look bad in the eyes of those who already hate us. I wouldn't be surprise if Bill O'Reilly or any other religious groups use that footage to describe us in the future. I'm sure there is money hungry lawyer trying to get MS Burgess to sue those who was involved.

If this was reverse we would have been outrage and calling for hate crimes laws to be enforce.. and those involved arrested on the spot.... WE CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS...

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