Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Man Who Infected Ex-Wife With HIV Ordered to Pay $12.5 Million

A six-year legal battle may be coming to an end now that a Los Angeles County superior court judge has ordered a man to pay $12.5 million for infecting his former wife with HIV.

The Los Angeles couple, called "Bridget B." and "John B." in court documents, have been sparring in courtrooms for years over who infected whom first. In 2006 the case reached the California supreme court, which decided Bridget's case against John could go forward, and that a person would be held liable for failing to inform a new partner of previous risky sexual behavior.

In Friday's ruling Judge Rolf Treu said John B. acted with fraud and malice by lying about his past risky sexual behavior, and ordered him to pay his former wife $5 million for future loss of earnings and $7.5 million in general damages, according to the Los Angeles Times .

Two months after the couple's October 2000 honeymoon, Bridget B. tested positive for HIV and was guilt-ridden, believing she may have exposed her husband to the disease. But two years later Bridget B. discovered John. B. had visited sexually explicit gay websites and found e-mails showing he had unprotected sex with men he met online. In her testimony Bridget B. claimed John B. admitted to her he had sex with two men prior to their marriage.

John B. represented himself in the trial and argued that Bridget B. infected him first. (Neal Broverman, The Advocate)

What if he didn't know he was postive, these judge and juries in CA just love to make new law, I wonder how many lawsuit eill now be file against ex-lovers now. Just goes to show how f-up CA really is, no wonder the citizens of CA took Gay marraige back (away)

233,000 Americans May Unknowingly Have HIV
I guess that 233,000 lawsuits waiting to happen thanks to CA.....

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