Thursday, November 13, 2008

list of supporters of Prop 8, are we going to boycott them all????

Culp Diversified Properties Red Bluff, CA-- Ok so when are we going to protest out in front of the properties this company owns and manage? Then in turn they can deny us a place to live, a course the reason won't be our sexuality, instead they will find something else, bad credit, criminal records, or they will just say Sorry none available.

Fetal Diagnostic Center Mission Viejo, CA-- I can only hope those Lesbians who need a DR doesn't get knock-up and need his services. You just might get sorry we are booked for the next two months.

First Security Home Loans Poway, CA-- I hope there is no new nice young gay couples looking to buy a home soon, they just might dig through your life to see if they want to give you a loan.

Guy Strohmeiers Auto Center Lakeport, CA-- You need to hope your car don't break down, since most gay men don't know a damn thing about cars except how to start them and work the car sits for those quickies in the park.

Home Instead Senior Care-- i hope our senior gays don't need their services any time soon

There are many more that I could list, we are not getting just like the religious right, and we are now the same as the American Family Association, we are now just like those we hate us. Jesse Helms would be so proud of us now, we are now proving that we just a vile as he was.

One question though, what if a California Winery gave money to yes on 8, We would be piss, then again many of the drunks in our community would be boycotting the wine stores, and all our social events would be very dull. No more grand Gala's and Art shows.

Boycotting all these business are just plain stupid, what if all the straight stop COMING to our businesses. Face it we need them more then they need us.

What if those would need a lawyer only seeks out srt8 layers, those who need a doctor seek out only the str8 drs, those who need interior design only seek out srt8 females, and what about all those str8s who need hairs cuts start seeking out str8's to cut their hair.

What if those who now have parties in CA only hire str8's to serve at thier parties. Alot of fags won't be having a job. So in true WE NEED THEM MORE THAN THEY NEED US.

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