Monday, November 24, 2008

SNT: Another Damn GAY Contest—Gay top Model

Gay Top Model goes into second season Terry Costa, the producer of Gay Top Model proudly announces the kick-off to VNGTM2009 season. A casual event is happening on Sunday, November 30th from 7 to 9pm at Score on Davie. Special appearances include the first-ever winner of Gay Top Model, Aaron Ursacki; Peter Breeze will perform his catchy single "Boy" and GOGO Boy Star himself, Sergio, will treat the audience to a special dance. This event is a great opportunity for model contestants to ask all the questions, not only to the producer, but to last season's winner. At the event you may also sign up to be a future contestant. Announcements regards to partnerships and the new structure of the project will be sure to delight all senses.
It's that time again, where Mr. Costa hosts and produced another season of the Gay Top Model, Where only a selective group of gays gets to enter. Just proving that in the gay community only those with the perfect bodies matter.

We talk about Equality, when we don't even have equality in our community. Our Community practice discrimination everyday. We discriminate against members of our very own community with ease that we don't ever notice it anymore.

Please note only those with body as those above only need to apply......

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