Monday, November 24, 2008

What a hit my lost post was,, some of those listed visit.
SHARP HealthCare

some on craigslist post this, the link is no longer

7. Someone please post a list of No on 8 supporters so we can hit back

Someone please post a list of No on 8 supporters so we can hit back (Don't ... Location: Don't patronize any No on 8 orgs; it's NOT ok to contact this ... - Similar pages

Yes so where is this list. I want to see who really supported No on 8 in CA, I want to see just how many actor/actress who claim to be our friends if they donated.. 

It is only fair, that the folks over at Yes on 8 can call for boycotts on locally LGBT business and thier support. FAIR is only FAIR..

If we continue to boycott and protest in front of Yes on 8 business then its only fair for them to do the same to us. 

Very interesting 

No on Prop 8 supporters blacklist small donors who gave money to Yes on 8.

Submitted by La_Verdad on Fri, 2008-11-14 18:49.
Posted in Politics/Social Action | La_Verdad's blog » On one of my other blogs I wrote that a Mexican restaurant owner gave 1,000 dollars to the Yes on 8 campaign. I was wrong she gave ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. That is correct 100 dollars. And because she did about 60 gay 'activists' went to her restaurant and strong armed her in a scene reminiscent to Nazi Germany. They went down a list of people who gave as little as 100 dollars to boycott,  harrass and attack them. They went there to 'confront' her for giving a measley hundred bucks based on her personal faith that she has had since childhood. They argued with her and it was reported by local news reporters was a "heated" confrontation.
So is this the America we want? Where if a private citizen wants to participate in the governmental process that they be harrassed and acosted. Their freedom of speech chilled by thugs.
In a blog Diane West calls this "the Death of the Grown Up". What a perfect title. Gay activists are acting like spoiled brats who attack other citizens for not getting their way. This traumitized the elderly owner of the Mexican restaurant:

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