Thursday, November 20, 2008

SNT: as Devil Advocate on Subway and Prop8

Subway, the popular sandwich chain, responded to demands by blogger Mike Rogers that they redress a Yes on 8 contribution one of their franchisee's made today.Rogers sent a letter to the company making three demands: That it repudiate the gift, that it add sexual orientation and gender identity to the corporation's non-discrimination policy and that it give an equal gift to the opposing side.

This is just wrong, it was a private donation nothing more than that. This is really getting old fast. I could understand if it was the main Company who did, but a franchisee's owner has the right to do, The only Thing Mr Jack Ass Rogers manage to do is to get the The Doctor's Group to rewrite it polices and to force their (oops our political views) on all Subways Franchisee owners.

I can say that not all owner are anti-gay. I once work for subway as Asst manager and the owner knew I was gay and the owner was a Mormon, and yes this was before legal protection in the work place for gays. I work there for a year before I move to back home for a three years.

So get Over it and move on, The CA Supreme Court has agree to heard the case, Lets hope they will over turn Prop 8.

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