Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cinemark, boycott of Milk and Twilight...

No Milk for Cinemark, No Twilight for Gays

Cinemark theatre chain CEO Alan Stock shelled out $9,999 to pass Prop. 8 in California, but will his theater chain profit from ticket sales for the forthcoming release of Milk. Not if a group of people on the Web have anything to say about it.

NoMilkforCinemark.com is dedicated to convincing ticket buyers to see Milk at a competitor’s theater. The idea is that if the gay community agrees to buy tickets to see the movie somewhere else, Cinemark will lose revenue from what promises to be one of the most profitable pictures of the holiday season.

California’s Briggs initiative, which would have resulted in the firing of gay and lesbian teachers throughout the state in 1978, plays a prominent role in the film.

But LGBT moviegoers are faced with another tough decision this holiday season. Twilight, based on the best-selling novel by Stephanie Meyer, opened in theaters this weekend. And if Meyer is to be taken at her word, 10% of all monies she makes off the movie will go to the Mormon Church.

Meyer has made no public statement regarding her feelings on California's Prop. 8. (The Advocate)
Ok, I have a question for this sick ass community of mine. What if the following Movies Producers/owener/authors gave to yes on 8

Mommy dearest, The Broken Hearts Club, Stonewall, Go Fish, Brokeback Mountian. What if anyone who own any rights to the following gave moeny to Yes on 8 would we boycott and protest them.. This is really getting out of hand. We are sinking more and more to their levels..

Ok what about this one, David Nimmons who wrote the book The Soul beneath the Skin holds that we are a superior society,we are the social and moral leaders of humanity, , we are non-violent and fun loving. What if he gave money to yes on 8, What would we do then.

Its time to give this a rest and move on to other just as important issues our community is facing. 

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