Monday, November 24, 2008

HR List of Yes on 8 supporters

I found this on a blog called  on GayDads

Let’s look at some HR people in California that contributed to the “Yes on 8” campaign that striped rights away from gays and lesbians.

One of the most outrageous is the HR person at NetApp. Nancy Saunders lists her occupation as “HR Operations”. She made two donations. One was for $5,000 and another for $25,000. She gave away $30,000 to say YES to discriminate and take rights away from same-sex couples. She must really dislike gays.

Employer, Donor Name, City, Occupation, Amount
Blue Coat Systems, Alyssa Lunny, Sunnyvale, HR, $250
Cannon Fabrication, Wayne Munyer, Riverside, HR, $300
Chevron, Justin Hutzley, San Ramon, HR Business Partner, $300, No gas for our cars in CA....
City of Livermore, Kaylin Larson, Livermore, HR Technician, $2,500 so i guess we are not going to lights bill in Livermore anymore.
City of San Clemente, Sam Penrod, Oceanside, HR, $1,000
Coca-Cola, Tara Dominguez, Kerman, HR, $250 I guess there will be no more mixed drinks at the bars and I guess we will boycott coke across the US.
Eli Lilly & Co., Lara Johnson, Ladera Ranch, HR, $250
Gen-Probe Inc, Gary Peck, Encinitas, HR Dir, $1,000
Graphtec America, Eileen Rose, Cypress, HR Mgr, $500
Home Depot, Richard Reep, Shingle Springs, HR Mgr, $5, 000, I guess all those home repair and remodeling will now be on hold for ever....
Imax, Rachel Lathy, Beverly Hills, HR Dir, $550, I guess no more movies for a while.
Infogain, Roxane Mortensen, Saratoga, HR Mgr, $500
Irvine Scientific, Allison Snow, Huntington Beach, HR Mgr, $500
Kaiser Permanente, Patty Freitas, Castro Valley, HR Analyst, $300
Kakimoto & Nagashima LLP, Sondra Christensen, Long Beach, HR Mgr, $250
Kyocera Wireless Corp, Sean Ristine, Escondido, HR Dir, $500, I guess we will be switching to another wirless company now.. all that money paid to break those contacts early...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to them....
Life Generations Healthcare, Leann Hansen, San Diego, HR, $500, I guess we will be switching our health care insureance now.
LSI Corp., Jeanne Wright, Los Altos, HR Rep, $3, 500
Mindspeed Tech, Jared Baker, Huntington Beach, HR Dir, $300
Moreno Valley Unified, Denise Gibson, Moreno Valley, HR, $500
Newport Corporation, Brandon Borland, Huntington Beach, HR Rep, $1,000
Northgate Gonzalez Market, Alan Bagley, Tustin, HR Executive, $2,500
Orange County, Lafayette Bartlett, Irvine, HR Mgr, $700
Rogers Poultry Co, Terry Carter, Whittier, HR Mgr, $800, I guess we out in CA won't be having Turkey this season for Thanksgiving
Sharp Healthcare, Steven Stagnaro, San Diego, HR, $280
Shell Oil, Rulon Mc Kay, Danville, HR Manager, $500, i guess we will be giving up our cars now RIGHT
Sheraton Hotel, Roxanna Brassfield, Buena Park, HR Mgr, $1,000, I guess we will be finding other hotel for our one-two hour affairs now....
St. Jude Medical, Beverly Van Scoyk, Thousand Oaks, HR Mgmt, $1,000
UPS, Steve Nielson, Laguna Niguel, HR Mgr, $2,500 I guess this year we won't be using them to send our Christmas gifts
USA Presort, Melissa Rawlins, Stockton, Employee Relations, $295
Whole Foods Market, Joshua Webster, Fresno, HR, $1,000, Well I bet there will be a lot of us losing weight this season while we are boycott this food market..

Don't forget to check the database ( to see if your accountant, insurance agent, Realtor, dentist, or lawyer is on the list of supporters of “Yes on H8”.

See how this just get stupid by the minute boycotts and protests. But who is willing winning in these events...

These people had the right to give money to any campaign that want too. So Just get the F-Over and more.  

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