Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two More Delegates for the Mr Gay World

Country: Bulgaria
Name: Deyan Kolev
Age: 28
Statement: First of all I come from Bulgaria, right? My country was 45 years in communism. People are not ready for gays yet!! I want to show the young guys and their mums that there's nothing wrong with homosexuality. I think it’s very important that nice guys can give an example on how gays can be nice too! I want to do this because media gives us wrong information. It’s not fair. We live in the 21st century! People need to live in a free country, with free minds and have respect for each other. I want to be a good example, nothing more, because Bulgarian guys are more beautiful when they're free.

Country: Australia
Name: Ben Edwards
Age: 28

(at the time of this post there was no statement from him)

Another two cookie cutter models, However I must said Ben Edwards does look a bit older then the others, I'm sure since he looks older then he is he won't be the winner.However Deyan Kolev is the type they want. Yes he maybe 28 as well but looks much younger...

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