Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have a Question ?!

Spaulding went on, "Discussing the whys and hows of human nature when it comes to these biases shouldn’t be such a difficult matter, but it is.

Added Spaulding, "We all need to play a part, and share in the responsibility to achieve equality for all.

"Civil rights is not a zero-sum game; there is enough shared blame for the debacle that is Prop 8, and it cannot be undone.

"We have the choice to educate or alienate going forward."

Spaulding wrote that so far, only Wayne Besen, the highly vocal critic of the so-called "ex-gay" movement and executive director of Truth Wins Out, had stepped forward to call for an end to the polarizing racial rhetoric being spouted by a minority within the GLBT community.

Spaulding cited a Truth Wins Out press release that contained a quote of Besen saying, "It is reprehensible to look for scapegoats and target innocent people with vile racial epithets."

Ms Pam is correct, we need to educate instead of alienating.

I don't know why the LGBT is only picking on the Africa-Americans who voted in CA during this last election.

Did every white gay and lesbian vote no on pro8?
Did every Asian-American gay and lesbian vote no on 8?
Did every Latin-American gay and lesbian vote no on 8?
Did every other race who helps to make up our community voted no on 8?

To single out just one race is wrong. How about those rare white gay GOP members who voted for McCain, how did they vote on 8, for or agianst?

For the LGBT leaders to claim we lost this because the "BLACKS" didn't vote no on 8 is just wrong and racist.

in truth we have only ourselves to blame if every Gay and Lesbian, Bi-sexual, and Trans-gender didn't vote no on 8.

I have notice no one is talking about how many of our straight supporters who voted on 8. Did all our straight friends vote no on 8? What about our parents, how did they vote on 8.

Enough is Enough, Stop the damn Blame Game.

"We call on all GLBT people behave intelligently and act responsibly, so we can figure out--together--the best way for our movement to proceed and achieve equality."

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