Tuesday, November 11, 2008

International Mr. Gay Competition

These type of contest are so degrading that it not funny. They tell the rest of the community to be hip and apart of the in crowd you must look like this.. Which is completely wrong on so many level.

the International Mr. Gay (IMG) Competition's Grand Finale brings together winners from national contests around the world.

International Mr. Gay (IMG) Competition network will bring these national contest winners together in San Francisco over the weekend of February 19-22, 2009 to compete in the 4th Annual Grand Finale.
Ok, let see, these contest will bring winners to San Francisco, But they have a Mr Gay Cuba, MMM, The last time I check Americans can't go to Cuba, and people of Cuba can't freely fly into the US, well not legally any why, So How do you get someone to represent Cuba, You get this guy
Now I thought you should at least live in the country that you are representing, but Since there are laws banning travel to and trading with Cuba, they had to go to the best thing, a Cuba-American, if you ask me he should be representing Cuba at all. This Contest should be held in Canada or any other County where Cuba citizens can legally travel too.I guess being born there is ok enough, well if that was the case then why did he and/or his family move to America.

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