Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mr. Gay Declaimer, very interesting

Images and photos on the MGW site does not imply or state one’s sexuality, sexual orientation, sexual identification and/or sexual preference.

So I will guest we are to believe that all the men who will enter this sorry excuss of a contest are Str8, then. They Title says it all MR GAY WORLD, It doesn't Mr World by itself.

I see they are holding this event during winterpride at Whistler, BC, Canada. I have notice they claim to have events for all, but they make a point to point events for women and bears. MMMM I have to wonder what they are talking about there.

contests like these by their very nature means on the those that are desirable need to apply. We all know that the LGBT community is made up of people form every class, from every nation, and most important different sizes. Yet it the desirable class that they contest are for.

I sure when all the delegates are chosen I bet none will slightly over weight, nor bears, and not least those that are very thin, geeky, or nerdy at all.

It's a shame that we discriminate against our fellow LGBT members.

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