Friday, November 14, 2008

SNT: Gay Heros

From the Bilerico Project
Gay superheroes infiltrating mainstream media have been a long time coming. In my 2005 play, The Fabulous Adventures of Captain Queer, which premiered at the New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco, a gay high school nerd gets bitten by a radioactive ladybug and must hide his newfound powers from the world. The reason I was able to migrate from the sociopolitical plays I was used to writing was because I found that superheroes with secret identities had always been an elegant metaphor for coming-out struggles.

So I'm rooting for this Showtime project. And I'm hoping they'll come to me for costume consultation. I mean, I love complex social allegories as much as the next guy, but, if you don't get the crotch area just right, then it's pretty much a deal breaker.
I'm willy to bet, when this show makes it on TV, the producer will make sure that the Hero's package is well seen, Just like they did in QAF Rage, built and showing off a very nice package. They also did it in Batman and Robin, Spiderman and Superman. It seem they think that we must make people think that these men have such huge members to be superheros, also we need to make sure the gay men are happy, we need them talk about thee guys packages so the movie will be successful.

just read the bold text above

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