Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Question of the day

We’re dealing with a new movement. New rules. New pain and hurt. New emotion. It’s all raw and it hasn’t been formed into any sort of movable movement — at least not yet. Almost 40 years since Stonewall, the LGBT community is experiencing a re-birth. What will come of it is yet to be known.

is this true? Are we dealing with a new type of Movement? If this is a new type then I would also have to ask what rules are we playing by now.? Just who is making these rules for us to follow?

I do agree that we are not acting like we have in past protests. Yes we yell and shout but we hardly every got physical with the counters. But now we are, we are getting right in thier faces, recently a mob run out a group of Religious Righters in the Castro, and then in Palm Spring a Cross was knock out of the hands of a older lady.  So what is next of our list?

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