Sunday, November 16, 2008

SNT:SC Equality hit hard by slumping economy

This is from Q-Notes

A statewide LGBT advocacy and lobbying group in South Carolina is facing possible closure if it doesn’t meet its budget requirements by the end of the year.

After the economic crisis, Drew said the average size of contributions was cut by almost half. As a result of the diminished income, the organization buckled down and shaved off every extra expense — a message made clear in the letter.

“In this crisis, the Board of Directors and I have reacted quickly and created a business survival plan,” the letter read. “We were already a ‘lean and mean’ organization, but we have delayed our strategies for growth, cut our expenses to the penny, and adjusted our fundraising plans so that we can weather the crisis.”

 I'm sure this group has done a world of good in SC, for its LGBT community, now this group is need and where is the local LGBT? I'm tell you, many of the community who are in the lower middle class does have to watch every dime, but how about those in our community who doesn't have to watch every dime? I can only guess they are on vacation abroad, Paris, Cancun, Rome, and any other place where they can shop and have sex.

While the groups who are fighting for their rights here at home is going down. Its a shame that the community only want these group when they need them, but turn their back on them when they are in need

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