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Q-notes story Second Stonewall

I love the article that Matt has written over at Q-notes

There are a few points that I don't agree with.
If only we’d seen such a movement before the election. Or perhaps before the other 27 states in the union defined me as a second-class citizen. I guess now was the appointed time for the bubble to burst.
I don't feel like an a second class citizen. For one I don't make life around the fact that I'm gay. I have told some of my str8 friends that I not what many think what a gay guy is. Yes at times I'm a bit fem, however what I mean, most of the typical stereotype of a gay man and his life style I don't fit at all.

Yes I can cook, but then again I do live with a chef, I do keep my home clean, however it surely not spotless and everything at times are not in their place. I don't travel far away lands for a holiday, I do own my own home. I don't lunch with the boys or girls on a daily bases. I don't hang out at the bars. I do what I want when I want.

We have all the rights as str8, with the exception of Marriage, this is the only thing that separates us. Gays and Str8 have to take the same driving test, we have just about the same types of bills to pay each month, we eat and drink to stay alive. When we get sick we go doctors as well. We spend our money on just about the same items. We can even have kids too.

Yes many will claim till we have marriage we will never be fully equals. Well I hate to bust your bubble but we will never be equal, simply because life isn't equal nor fair. Hell, men and woman are not equals, in many cases, there are thing women can do better then men, and vice versus. Women can have give birth, men can't, even our bodies are different.
When my rights are put up to simple majority vote — everything has changed. 
Ok one thing that we forget is that every right we have today was voted on in some matter. Yes sadly this is true, every right we have was voted on, even the bill of rights were voted on and agree upon before they wrote it. The right to vote was even voted on. Most of our basic rights we never had the chance to vote on, they were voted on for us by people who must of us don't even know. Congress votes on our rights every year, what new rights will they give us and which ones will they take away. To think about even these judges in higher courts are basically voting went they decided to allow gay marriage in CA. One thing we must not forget is they We have to right to vote and the right to bring such proposition for a vote during election time.

If you think these rights that are written in our Constitution are forever, then you are wrong, felons have lost their rights to vote, to own guns, I don't see anyone fight for their rights to vote again. I agree that they shouldn't be allow to own guns. If you are convicted of a felony no matter what class of felony, if you are a Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Police Officer, and many other fields once convicted you also lose your job as well, since you can own a gun mean you can't be a cop, felons can't be bonded, so their goes your accountant job, if you are lawyer you are disbarred, and if you are a doctor you can no longer write scripts for meds. Did we the public get to vote on these rights, no they were voted on for us by our elected officials.

The only true second class citizens are those who have been convicted of a felony.. They are the one who have many of their rights taken away form them.

Some more point to make from this site
There are over 1000 legal protections that automatically come with marriage, which gays are not allowed to have (except for one state) and none are recognized federally. Even civil unions carry no weight on a federal level.

Workplace Discrimination
There are many places in this country where a homosexual can be fired simply for being gay, since homosexuality isn’t covered under the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Currently, 33 states allow firing based on sexual orientation and 42 states allow firing bases on gender identity. The federal government doesn’t seem to care.

There is currently a bill in my state legislature that would prohibit public colleges from providing same-sex partner benefits to their employees, a reaction to one college deciding to offer them.

Foster Care & Adoption
Many states do not allow homosexuals to adopt or foster children.

Many gay couples are torn apart because they fall in love with someone that lives in another country. Since they can’t marry, the foreign partner can’t automatically become a citizen, which would be the case with a straight marriage.

Health Insurance Benefits
Since we can’t marry, our partners aren’t covered by our insurance plans at work. A few companies and states are beginning to offer benefits to same-sex couples, while the federal government turns a blind eye to the injustice.

Gay aren’t allowed to serve openly in the military, although studies have shown that countries that allow gays to serve don’t have problems with morale (the main reason given by our government).

The list goes on and on…
Military, true we can't serve while be openly out, but then agian we have serve in silent from years..
Health Insurance Benefits: sorry these are not really rights, but most insurance benefits depends on your company not the insurance company...
Immigration: this is a right either, there are many who are not allow to Immigrant there. so this a right at all.
Foster Care & Adoption: where is it written this is a right, many str8 single and couple can't adopt either so this really isn't a right at all.
Workplace Discrimination: please we all know you can be fire for any reason, just because we hae define a few reason why we can't be fired doesn't mean that a person isn't fire for them..
Marriage: well what can I say on this one.

So just remember the rights you have to day, may not be the rights you have tomorrow.

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