Tuesday, November 11, 2008

International Ms Leather- Where all are welcome

link to their photo gallery

As I browse through their photos I become proud of our lesbian sisters. All were welcome at their events, Every form of Lesbianism was there, from the lipstick to the Macho Dykes. From thin to full figure and more.

Nice to see our sister welcoming each other, while their brother are so vain and self-center, where in our brotherhood we must all look like, those that don't fix in our class just need to get lost. Where only the jock type of bodies are welcome but on the other hand if you are slightly over weight, to hairy, or a bit on the nerdy size you are not welcome and in most cases not apart of the club.

To prove this point those of the lgbt community living in Raleigh, NC only has to the bars downtown, mainly Flex, and Legends.

Legends is mostly stuck-up yuppies, pissy Queens and college kids and Flex is a muscle type bar. I once tried to go there, however I was meet at the door, "sorry" was all that was said, but I got the message. However I did see a few older men who didn't fit, then I realize who they were, can we said Sugar daddies (I knew them form the community as well). The only club I ever felt welcome was CC, Capital Corral, a western type bar, where levis and leather is on the menu with other thrown in the mix for fun.

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