Monday, November 24, 2008

MrGay and TopGay model contest in Canada

In an email from Dean Nelson

Again, we the organizers of MGC, are looking for delegates that will be the best ambassador for our community and help break down the negative sterotypes the media continues to engage. It appears that the men that have the confidence to enter into this type of competition have similar looks. We hope that next year we will have more diverse applicants to choose from.this competition is indeed more than just physical appearance.

I don't know who Mr Nelson is trying to kid, but we all know that these contest at solely based on looks.

as seen in this youtube video, you will see that it's important that all the delegates look good in Aussie bum Undies. I'm sure this company has a said in the matter as well. I may not be sure but since they are doing a photo shoot in undies you can decide..

to proven that it was base on looks see the below photos, there were taken from their Face book, page

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