Friday, November 14, 2008

Now we are terrorist Thanks to our LGBT Community

Los Angeles Times - USA:
L.A. Mormon Temple Closed After Suspicious Envelope Arrives in Mail. By Tami Abdollah.

The Mormon temple in Westwood was closed Thursday afternoon after an envelope filled with an unidentified white, powdery substance was delivered to temple employees, Los Angeles police said. The temple has recently been the site of protests by opponents of Proposition 8, though it is unclear whether the envelope was related to protests over the gay marriage ban, officials said.

Just great, now we are in the same boat as the real terrorist, when need to grow the fuck up, Prop 8 was voted on by the people, it passed, so get the hell over. I'm all for protest, but to sink to send white power in envelope to the LDS Church is just wrong, I hope those gays and lesbians who sent this is found and thrown in jail, when they can fulfill their jail house sex desires. 

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