Wednesday, November 26, 2008

L.A. Film Fest Director Raddon Resigns Over Prop 8 Donation

Los Angeles Film Festival director Richard Raddon, a "devout" Mormon, has resigned from his position following revelations that he donated $1,500 to the campaign to write discrimination into California's constitution, Variety reports:

Raddon"After bloggers published his name, culled from public records of donors, Raddon tendered his first resignation on Nov. 13 to Film Independent's board of directors. It was not accepted, and Film Independent released a statement saying, 'Our organization does not police the personal, religious or political choices of any employee, member or filmmaker.' Yet Internet message boards and other published reports kept the issue at the center of a growing protest movement that has targeted 'Yes on 8' donors including the Mormon Church and Cinemark Theaters, whose CEO was a contributor. On Monday, Raddon submitted a second resignation. Those close to the org described Monday's conference call with the board of directors as emotional. While Raddon's contribution had caused some internal angst, he was well liked within the org. On Tuesday, Film Independent issued a statement saying, 'With great reluctance, Film Independent has accepted Richard Raddon's resignation. Rich's service to the independent film community and to Film Independent has been nothing less than extraordinary. He has always shown complete commitment to our core principles of equality and diversity during his long tenure.'"
A replacement for this bigot has not been named.

When will this shit end. I mean really, how many companies are we going ot force to fired or layoff those in those companies that gave money to yes on 8, the way we are acting I HOPE WE NEVER GET THE RIGHT OT MARRY IN CA, I HOPE THAT THE CA SUPREME COURT AGREES AND DECLARE THE PROP LEGAL. 

This crap we are doing is just wrong, by the way where IS THE LIST ON THOSE WHO GAVE TO NO ON 8. LET SEE JUST WHO GAVE TO ALLOW GAY MARRIAGE.... 

Children should't be subject to life long medical choices

Very interesting statement, which I'm sure the #transinc community will claim to be Transphobic.. in natural. There is nothing bias ...