Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SNT: No Milk for CineMark

Matt over @ InterstateQ had this to said,
It makes me sick to my stomach to think that a man (and company) who supported the passage of the worst anti-LGBT legislative measure in the history of the nation will now profit from the memory of one of America’s greatest LGBT heroes.
Why we hell bent on boycotting and protest Cinemark, how about protest Hollywood for making MILK and using STR8 Actors, ooops that is ok as long we are being represented in the Media right.. Both Actors are str8, Hollywood using us is ok, to make millions and millions, but what do they give us in return, not much.

While we are the damn subject, Why is it movies where Actors play gay gets awards, but movies where were actors are gay  in real life doesn't get shit. I don't see us beating the gates of Hollywood demanding our fair share. Since Hollywood have been covering up all those past gay actors for years. 

I would like to know just who in Hollywood support no on 8, but guess what that list can't be found. So what is No on 8 hiding. Make that list public, I want to see just who in Hollywood who claim to support us gave..

If No on 8 won't publish their list then we all need to LEAVE YES ON 8 PEOPLE THE HELL ALONE.. AND MOVE ON WITH OUR DAMN LIVES.

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