Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Three more Delegate for the Mr Gay World

For the Europe, Russia and Middle East group, with five openings click here to visit site,

Country: Spain
Name: Antonio Pedro Almijez
Age: 20

I would like to take part in this contest because I love the modeling world, photography, make contacts, meet people and make friends around the world, and I think this contest will open doors for my careers and studies. And over all to give a good viewpoint and show how the gay society is.

Country: Norway
Name: Kai Thomas Larsen
Age: 22

I would love to represent Norway in a good way in MGW. Last year I participated in The Mr. Gay Norway show as a dancer and by God this year I won! What a thrill! I have a couple of talents that I rely on and if needed I will bring them out in Canada. In short: I'd love to win this whole competition!

For: Oceania, one left in this group

Country: New Zealand
Name: Reece Karena
Age: 28
 (this one didn't even give a statement, i wonder why.)
updated info

I stand to represent the modern gay man and be a strong role model for younger gay men - someone who is proud, healthy, educated and career minded with a strong direction in life. I in no way see myself as a gay super hero, but more so someone that a lot of young gay men can relate too, and see that they needn't be anything other than themselves, at their best, to succeed in life.


Do you see a pattern here, I do, and it not good for the gay community, oops I forgot how my fellow fags are, only those with the Greek Gods type of Bodies are the only ones that matter.

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