Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mc Donalds sue again

McDonald's sued over nude photos

McDonald's golden arches - file photo
McDonald's has so far refused to comment on the case
A US couple is suing McDonald's for $3m (£2m) after nude photos of the woman, which were on her husband's mobile phone, ended up on the internet.
Phillip Sherman says he accidentally left his phone, with the photos, at a McDonald's in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
He says staff promised to secure the phone until he could retrieve it.
The Shermans claim they had to move to a new home after the womans's name, address, and phone number appeared online along with the photos.
Tina Sherman says she began receiving offensive calls and text messages about the pictures from her husband's mobile phone after he left it at the McDonald's on 5 July.
The couple then discovered that the nude pictures she had sent to her husband's phone had been posted online.
The Shermans are suing McDonald's Corporation, the owner of the franchise involved and the restaurant's manager, saying they have suffered emotional distress, embarrassment and damage to their reputations.
They also allege loss of earnings and want to recover the cost of moving to a new home.
McDonald's Corp, the franchise owner and the manager have so far refused to comment on the case.
The nude pictures have been removed from the website that had posted them.

You watch and see that 12 people will give her millions for her own dumb ass mistake. She send took them and send to her husband cell phone. Then he let the phone and someone at Mc Donalds finds the phone. I personally would love to see how she is going to prove that an employee of Mc Donalds actually posted the pic on line.

Persoally I'm getting sick of these dumbasses sueing companies for thier stupidity. When will this crap ends. However you know that Mc Donalds will settle out of court. If I owned the store where this happen I would fight this all the way.

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