Wednesday, November 5, 2008

CA prop 8 might win, mean no gay marraige were you surprise..

It would seem that No on 8 lost, so the people of CA as spoken agaisnt gay marriage, I'm not surprised at all.

Experts have said the California measure has become the most expensive social issue campaign in U.S. history and is the costliest election this year outside the race for the White House. About 30 percent,or $22 million, of the donations reported by supporters and opponents of Proposition 8 have come from outside the state, according to an analysis by The Associated Press. 
 Over at the Advocate there was this
While California's gays hold their breath for a Prop. 8 win, the state's Prop. 2 -- which provides more cage space for farm animals -- looks poised for victory. And Cali's Prop. 5, which encourages rehabilitation over incarceration for criminals like drug dealers, is going down in flames. Take it as you will...
 What as the cost for Yes and No on 8 in CA
Spending for and against a ballot initiative that would outlaw same-sex marriage in California has surpassed $73 million
 Wow, that is alot of money, for a social cause, that the whole state believed in. Yet we cant raise that for a social disease like HIV/AIDS, It only goes to show what we value more in this short life. 

Now we in 76 days will enter a new era with the First African-American president, so I guess the LGBT has another 4 years  to fight for marriage equality, I can only hope this time it is done on the federal level.

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