Wednesday, November 5, 2008

SNT: No on 8, time to withdraw with some honor

Lorri L. Jean, CEO, L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, John Duran, President, Equality California, Reverend Neil Thomas, Metropolitan Community Church, and Rabbi Denise Eger, Congregation Kol Ami will speak tonight at a protest rally in West Hollywood Park on San Vicente Blvd., between Melrose Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd. at 7 pm, according to organizers:

"With nearly 4 million votes still to be counted and the Proposition 8 race too close to call, hundreds of people who support equality for all and who oppose the amendment of our constitution to discriminate against any group, will gather in West Hollywood tonight to show their support for the freedom of same-sex couples to marry."

Ok, guys and gals, the people of CA have spoken, not just accept it gracefully and move on, to other important issue of our community. What will this Protest Rally achieve, no a damn thing, it will be just a waste of time.

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