Thursday, November 6, 2008

Racist graffiti turns up in Free Expression Tunnel at N.C. State

RALEIGH -- Students and staff members at N.C. State University found racist graffiti spray-painted throughout the campus' Free Expression Tunnel on Wednesday, apparently a reaction to President-elect Barack Obama's victory.

By 10 a.m., the tunnel had been painted white from end to end, and student groups hung signs to promote unity and condemn hate speech.

What is wrong with people these days, just because we as a nation finally elected a African-American as President isn't an open invitation to get mad the trash private property. Racism and hate are taught and can be untaught. These are items we can control.

I only wish they print what was written, so other could judge the level of this hate speech, since even hate speech is still free speech, it if wasn't then evey time a certain group of folks in white sheets would be arrest every time they march.

update find it here

University police Capt. Jon Barnwell would not provide details about a comment painted in what is known as the Free Expression Tunnel, but at least one student said it suggested Obama be shot and referred to him with a racial slur.

Ok death threats are not free speech at all, and should be investigate to the fullest, however the racial slur, I'm sure we all know what that was. That part is free speech, even though other may not like it at all, since the people in white sheets scream and shout it every time they march.

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