Thursday, November 6, 2008

SNT: Another nasty Email, oops like I care

I have recieve an email earlier today while I was out and about. I love getting email, its just makes my day. Yes even the nasty ones.

"I don't know why you are so against gay marriage, wouldn't you like to marry your partner."

To answer the state, Yes I would, but only when it will be legal in every state and recognize by the federal Government. I don't what a half full glass on this subject.

The people of California has spoken and voted on this matter. Now the local LGBT is going to sue to get what was legally voted, changed. If we truly value the voting process then we need to accept it and move on. The was put to a vote and it was decided by the votes.

Yes its a shame on the night that we as a nation made history by electing our very first African-American president that we lost this matter. This matter can always be revisit on later dates and elections.

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