Saturday, November 1, 2008

SNT: Emails from the Community, Bitching

Late last night while I was wide awake in my own personal living hell center, I received an email for a reader of my blog. It wasn't nasty at all, just right down bitchy to say the least. In this very short and not so sweet email it was made clear to me, that if I want my blog to have hundreds of hits per day, I need to post at least three to four posts a day with celebrities as the main topic in those post. I need to make fun of them or join the in the gossip about them. 

Well I'm sorry I'm not a damn Perez Hilton wanna be, currently the only actor that I really can't stand is Lance Bass, and one of his many damn ex's. However that doesn't mean that there are more that I can't stand. I don't care about these celebrities lives, why because we all have them. They have their own problems as well. 

I read many LGBT blogs in a day. I do have a few fav's, like Pam's Houseblend, Towleroad, InterstateQ, and Rob 2.0 beta. I have a large range of interests. 

If you want the 411 on the cel's, then you need to cruise on over to Perez Hilton, TMZ, and many other blogs that do nothing but talk about these celebrities. You will only find a very few posts about them on my blog.

Also, I know there are some grammars and spelling mistakes on my blog, at times I do type fast and make mistakes. I'm only human and if I wanted a damn English lesion via email, I would go back to school or take a damn online grammar course, so get over it.

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