Saturday, November 1, 2008

SNT: From the North Lesbians sue over apartment rejection

Spurned gay renters file human rights complaint

Updated: Fri Oct. 31 2008 14:41:22

The Canadian Press

A lesbian couple, who say they were turned down for trying to rent a basement suite because they're gay, have filed a complaint with the British Columbia Human Rights tribunal.

In sworn affidavits, Kathleen Webb and Liana LeBlanc say they were shown the suite and told by owners Brenda and Marc Rovner that they were the first choice for tenants.

The documents say that when LeBlanc called back to arrange a damage deposit Brenda Rovner asked about the women's relationship and LeBlanc told her they were gay.

The women claim Rovner then asked if they would be comfortable living in a home with Christian beliefs and that she didn't want to rent to two people.

LeBlanc and Webb want the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal to decide if they were discriminated against because they're in a lesbian relationship.

The Rovners asked the tribunal to dismiss the complaint, but tribunal member Barbara Humphreys ruled it should be heard because the affidavits are contradictory and if the couple is successful the decision could further the purpose of the Human Rights Code.
Another couple suing a religious bigot who refuses to rent them an apartment. All then have to do was lie, and say they were friends but no they had to make it a point to tell her about their relationship. However, if this is apartment complex that is owned by a business then yes it is wrong. On the other hand if the complex is privately own, then I believe the owner has to right to rent to whoever they want. Even here in the US if they don't want rent to you they can claim anything, too many jobs, bad credit, criminal background, don't make enough, yet I don't see anyone suing owner or companies over these items.

No we have to make it a point to tell everyone that we couldn't get the place because we are GAY, or LESBAINS. Then many of you wonder why they don't like us much.

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