Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Greta Van Susteren on the record about Palin email

From Gawker: The hacker who broke into Sarah Palin's email account has, of course, been roundly condemned for his actions, but he has for the moment succeeded in reviving the unanswered question of why the Alaska governor had two quasi-official email addresses, and

Its funny how the FBI and Secret Service found this person so fast, but this isn't the first time someones email account as be hack on yahoo, my personal email was hacked back in  04, the hacker didn't know the security question so I was able to reset my password and get my account back. how many others who were not so lucky, did the FBI help no..

Now we have this lady, on Fox news claiming that its a shame that Palin has to deal with someone hacking her email, where so might have or may not have been conducting state business through this email account. Then we all know how those assholes at Fox love the halfs truths and lies..

its not ok to go in other private email
But I guess its ok for a news cast to lie about stories to get better rating.......
Personally I feel that public elected officals and state gov't employees should not use their private emails to send email to other elected officials..

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