Thursday, September 4, 2008

SNT: Dyke Linda sues eHarmony

Linda Carlson was looking for a partner and decided to try eHarmony, the Pasadena-based online dating service that advertises its ability to "deliver matches that have the foundation of compatibility based on a lifetime of joy.'' When the San Mateo County woman tried to log in, she was given two options: "man seeking a woman'' or "woman seeking a man.''
Neither suited Carlson, who was seeking another woman. Her complaint to the company this February got nowhere, and on Thursday, she filed suit in Los Angeles accusing eHarmony of violating a California law that prohibits businesses from discriminating based on sexual orientation.
Ok First off eHarmony is a Christian ran business, as a religious business we should know ahead of time that may not support the Gay Community.

So some lane ass lesbian bitch and whine about not being able to find a fellow lesbian online. I'm sure there is more than one match making website. Why didn't she try them, better yet she could have just post a damn Craigslist ad for free. But if she did that then she couldn't sue a company for not serving her damn ass.

Here is another site that you might like to read.

I couldn't find a pic of that dumb ass Linda, but how on the pic you can clearly see the two options that you have when choosing eHarmony. So she knew before hand that she wouldn't find other dykes on the site. However I'm sure 12 stupid ass citizens of San Francisco will find for her ass and award a nice large sum. I can only hope that eHarmony fight it all the way.

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