Monday, September 15, 2008

SNT: Something from the past

The ENQUIRER broke the blockbuster news that Isaiah, 43, choked Patrick Dempsey, 40, in an Oct. 9 fight on the set of "Grey's Anatomy." And now we can reveal the secret behind the outrage.

"The melee has set off World War III on the show and may cost Isaiah his job," an insider told The ENQUIRER.

"The cast is divided over the shameful event."

As The ENQUIRER exclusively revealed last week, Patrick and Isaiah clashed over cast members being late to the set, right before shooting a scene at Prospect Studios in Los Angeles.

A heated discussion quickly escalated to violence when Isaiah snapped, revealed an eyewitness.

At one point, Isaiah yelled, "I'm not your little faggot like (name deleted)," according to the source. Those who heard him were stunned.

Because of the extreme nature of the slur, The ENQUIRER is withholding the name of the co-star targeted by Washington. During the brawl, an enraged Isaiah grabbed Patrick by the throat and shoved him a few feet.
Now we all know who it was Right. To me there is nothing work with that phase, it no different than saying "I'm not your bitch, bitch" which was use on Top Chef, from a guy to gal. What if it the phase was 'I'm not your faggot, faggot"? However that not point here. What is the point is that going to rehab bit. Please there is no such thing for defaming someone, which you must go to rehab. It should have been was some good sensitivity sessions. Please every out gay person and those who are still in the damn closet has been called a faggot or any other equivalent derogatory word. I sure the same can be said for our African-Americans members.

The only reason why Mr. Washington should have been fired is and was for the assault on Dempsey, which could have been classified as a felony.

What we need to do is own it, that's right let called each other faggots, when we meet each other. "Hello faggot, Hi faggot, bye faggot, what's up fag." Just as the African-American have done with the word N-word.

When I'm called a faggot, I reply Yes and what is it to you, or Yes, why would like some action.

Like Mo'Nigue, said about the word BITCH, "well give that word so much power", and we are doing the same for the word Faggot, hell in England that slang for a damn cigarette or a bunch of twigs. However just like Mo'Nigue also said, if at that time if that is what you were representing then you need to be called a Faggot, actually her term was Bitch. So as a final thought When someone calls you a damn faggot, simply reply I'm proud to be one.

By the way I love being called what I am, I'm proud to a Fag…..

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