Friday, September 5, 2008

SNT: QC Story on Kurt Wild now ex-subway worker

The 22-year-old is wiry, well-hung, handsome, and an amazing power bottom. But it seems that not everyone appreciates Mr. Wild's sexual talents. A manager of the Subway Restaurant outside of St. Louis, Missouri fired the young sandwich artist after learning about his porn star past.

Apparently, a customer recognized Kurt from gay porn and promptly got angry that he recognized Kurt from gay porn. The customer then threatened to boycott Subway if Kurt wasn't fired. 

Click here to read the full story on QC. 

Well this customer who recognized him must watch alot of gay porn either on line or from DVD's. I bet this person was also a damn closet faggot. That could get a guy like Kurt to have sex with. This is how these damn closet asshole can screw up our gay lives, if they are not happy being in the damn closet then they make sure the out one don't have fun.

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