Sunday, September 21, 2008

SNT: Gay History, The First gay-oriented television Commercial

Produced by Washington DC's lambda Rising bookstore, the commercial aired four timeson the local NBC and ABC affiliates in February 1975. The commercial featured images of various gays adn Lesbians wearing the Lambda symbol as a voice over explained teh significance of the symbol, described the difficulty of obtaining gay and Lesbians literature in mainstream bookstore, and told about the "bookstore" that celebrates the gay adn lesbian experience." Both stations initially balked at airing the commericial, but the industry watchdog at the time, The National Association of Broadcasters Standards Office, approved it. Channel 4 ran the commercial uncut; Channel 7 insisted that one "suggestion of nudity," an image of a shirtless man be cut. The commercials aired duringtwo different shows that dealt with gay themes, and generated much excitement but only a modicum of business.

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