Saturday, September 13, 2008

SNT: Does Equality really exist?

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Looks as though this year’s Soulforce Equality Ride is going to face a little opposition. As I wrote back on August 9 and as I reported for Q-Notes on September 9, the 2008 Equality Ride will make a stop at the Columbia, S.C.-based Columbia International University on Oct. 6.

Coming up in the Sept. 20 issue of Q-Notes, you’ll get an answer to why there aren’t all that many native Southerners on this year’s Ride — which is focusing solely on Christian colleges and universities in the South.

This opposition group, SAFE, or Students Against False Equality, claims it will “respond to the false messages of equality being promoted on Christian college campuses by the Soulforce activist group Equality Riders.”

They plan on setting up “SAFE Learning Centers” in the libraries of those institutions visited by the Ride. In short, SAFE’s main purpose is to provide more blind hubris to the already faltering anti-gay and anti-Christ doctrines of radical Christianists. That’s basically it.

So I wonder how many will be arrested again, during this campaign ride.  In which part of pride and equality say it is ok to get arrested for one's cause. To have a criminal record for civil disobedience.

To tell the truth isn't this what the christian crusaders did in the past to all the other religions, with force. Just as they today can't force others to join their cult, the same can be said about ours. We need to face it there will always be those whom will hate us for being us, those that don't like us for their own reason, either personal or religious reasons.

Yes we can protest and march for equality but in truth does equality really exist anyway. How can equality exist among gays and str8, when equality doesn't exist between men and women.

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