Friday, September 5, 2008

SNT: Does the Bulge Make the Man? from Below the Belt

I've had this discussion before. Sometimes more than once with the same buddy. Am I really a man if I'm not packing down there? Do I stuff my shorts to pass more easily? When is it safe to use the Guy's John?

Penises are a hot issue with all guys. Though most bio guys won't admit it, we too worry about how much of Johnson we have, how it looks and will a prospective love/trick pass us by if it's not impressive enough. ( the full post)

This is so true, most gay guys are nothing but twinks loving size queens. Its all about the body and the dick size. Like the song "i don't want no short dick man" no wonder this song is so popular in our community. Its because it rings true. Almost every gay male want a hard body with a big ole dick. Then there are those who don't care about the body if the dick is big and juicy.

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