Sunday, September 14, 2008

SNT: Raleigh man pleads guilty to HIV health law violation

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RALEIGH — A gay, 23-year-old man received a suspended 45-day jail sentence, 30 months of probation and a $300 fine, plus court costs, after pleading guilty Aug. 22 to charges stemming from violations of North Carolina’s public health laws relating to the spread of HIV.

Joshua Waldon Weaver, a DJ at clubs in Raleigh and Wilmington, was accused of failing to use a condom and failure to notify sexual partners of his HIV-positive status. According to filing documents, the offenses occurred from Aug. 1, 2006 to the time of the charges. The victim in the case was not named and the defendant’s boyfriend at the time of the proceeding made no statement to the press.

This is just wrong, why was he signal out for this crime. If this is the case then all the cocksuckers at OUR PLACE or any other Adult bookstore with video booths in Raleigh need to be arrested, for having unprotected sex. All the Bare Backing faggots as well need to be arrested. If you meet someone in bar, nightclub, or adult book and have sex without knowing the individual and don't use protection then you deserve what you get. Everyone should have condoms with them in this day and age. If they don't want to wear the glove then there so be no loving going on.

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