Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SNT: Lesbians Sue

A Swedish lesbian couple is seeking 50,000 kronor ($7,700) in compensation from the Västerbotten County Council. The ombudsman against discrimination due to sexual orientation (HomO), arguing for the couple, says that in order to receive county-financed assisted insemination, a couple must be diagnosed with a medical problem. A lesbian couple's inability to have children by themselves "is naturally no less involuntary than that which is caused by a disease," and it is unfair that they are forced to pay for a medical investigation when the answer is pre-determined. (Thanks, PageOneQ.)
Now these damn lesbians claim that the inability to have children is Involuntary than that which is caused by a disease. These ladies want the county to flip the bill for getting one of them knocked up. Please bitches just get a guy to fuck you once in a while. It's not like you never had a dick inside of you, well maybe a real one that is. Why can't these two lesbian pay for it themselves. Then you wonder why we face so much discrimination from many groups. I wonder if this group would sue on behalf of a male couple if they want a child. I be the answer would be no.

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