Thursday, September 25, 2008

SNT: WTF, How about show that show us as we are in our community

New Bravo Reality Show About Fag Hags!

Posted by Michael Musto at 1:31 AM, September 25, 2008

I just got wind of a new reality show Bravo is currently casting around town. It's all about fag hags, or as they're more properly called, Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys. That happens to be the name of the show and it's also the title of the compilation book it's based on. (As fagelah fate would have it, I happen to have written an essay in it. It's about how my BFFs were always women, and not just because the guys never wanted me on their team, as it were.)

Anyway, the show is about real life Will & Grace-type duos consisting of a male gay and a female gay-lover. So if you're a boy who likes boys and you're inseparable from a girl who likes boys who like boys, then this is your chance to be a major TV star and be watched by lots of boys and girls who like girls who like boys who like boys. Oy.
Ok really now, what the fuck does Bravo think they are doing? I would love to see them do a show about our community as a whole. Show us as everyday people who faces and deal with everyday life. Show our inaction with other gays and lesbians. Show how we handle our crisis and families rejections. Show us on our ground fighting for our rights. Show how our volunteerism raises us far above straight society. Show us raising our kids, and let our children then America how their families are just as important as any straight family.

Tell you want if bravo wants to film a true reality show, then brave should film congress….

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