Tuesday, September 9, 2008

SNT: There something very wrong with this Story.

(Dyersville, Iowa) An Iowa gay man says he was fired by a McDonald’s franchise in Dyersville after it was learned he was HIV-positive.

Daniel Carver, 46, has filed a complaint with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission and has served notice to the franchise that he intends to sue for wrongful dismissal.

Federal law makes it illegal to discriminate on the basis of physical disability, which includes HIV. Under Iowa state law it is illegal to discriminate against an employee because of race, religion, perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.

Carver worked for the franchise for about four months, but was fired in February.
He alleges in the filing with the commission that after management learned he was HIV-positive, he was denied promotion, had his hours reduced and was subjected to derogatory remarks, violence and death threats.

The filing claims that Carver on one occasion was punched in the stomach by a manager and in another instance was slapped in the face by an employee who called him homophobic names.

“In November 2007, I was threatened by other employees because of my HIV status and my sexual orientation, that I ‘better watch my back or I might get shot,”‘ Carver said in his claim to the commission.

When contacted by The Associated Press, Carver said his lawyer advised him not to discuss the case.

Neither the McDonald’s Corp. nor Glenn and Lois Karpinske, owners of the Dyersville McDonald’s, have commented on the case.

Ok, first off if he was punch by the manager why didn't he filed charges against the manager, also why would he stay there to work. Why didn't he just quit on the spot file charges for assualt and then file his complaint?

Why would anyone gay or str8 stay and work in a place where  you are receiving death threats? Please losing a job at Micky D's isn't a big lost.

I personally feel that this jerk stay and put up with the Manager and crew long enough to get to this point. a big payday...

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