Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SNT: Besen: A national gay vote needed for Obama

By Wayne Besen, columnist,

09.03.2008 9:14am EDT

In 1992, the gay and lesbian community galvanized around Bill Clinton in what is now seen as the first "national gay vote." The stark contrast between Clinton and the rabidly homophobic GOP, which declared a culture war at its Houston convention, was the reason for this unified support.
This year offers a similar disparity between the parties. The Democrats proved at their Denver convention to be GLBT supportive while the GOP in Minneapolis will most likely rail against equality for gays in their effort to bring home their socially conservative base.
Sure why not, let's all of us vote for Obama just like we did for Clinton. MMM, we all love a double fuck. Then once he is in office he will feel free to fuck us again. Just like Clinton did, with DOMA and Don't ask, Don't tell.

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