Monday, September 1, 2008

SNT: China sets sights on rail record

Can someone please tell me why China and other Countries can produce these train, but in the US we can't. It would seem that only trains we can get is f-ing Amtrak which isn't fast at all. I guess it is faster then a car but the cost isn't easy on the pocket book, at all. I guess the car makers and the oil company is making sure we don't invest in these train. America need to get with the program and start to install some of these train systems.

Personally I would love to see a Train like this to run between Raleigh and Durham area. Better yet Richmond, VA and Washington DC, then Baltimore, MD would be nice too.


It seem that there are 30 according to Wikipedia, however I don't consider a trolly a light raid train. they are mainly in town only.. I'm talking about light rail from one city to another city over a long distance. The Muni Metro and F Market*in San Francisco at a distance of 71.5.

These are a Great Start, but why not one over hundred miles?

Due to lower density of many American cities, LRT speed relative to the automobile, generally lower ridership levels, and questions of cost-effectiveness, the construction of light rail systems has spurred political controversy as a use of public funds. Arguments made against light rail systems often bill it as less practical than equivalent bus systems and less effective than increases in highway capacity. Arguments in favor of light rail point to overall improvements in safety and quality of life in cities supporting rail-based mass transit and long-term sustainability benefits.

China plans to produce the world's fastest conventional train for a new rail link between capital Beijing and main financial centre, Shanghai.
The country's Ministry of Railways says the trains will run at top speeds of 380km/h (236mph).
The trains will more than halve the current quickest journey time between the two cities of 10 hours.
The 1,300km high-speed line is due to be completed within four years.

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