Saturday, September 27, 2008

SNT: The Advocate write John Cloud had piss me off..

Once again the Advocate has pissed me off big time. Well not the magazine in whole just one of their writers has John Cloud, with his story title The Cost of Being Gay

Ambrose Bierce called money "an evidence of culture." He was kidding, sort of -- joking, as he often did, about the airs of the rich and cultured. (He also called money "a passport to polite society.") But at some basic level, money is surely evidence of culture; in the sense that the items we value enough to purchase help define who we are. So if we can agree that there is a gay culture, there should be testimony to it in our spending habits. Just look at the ads in this magazine. They lead to another question: With the economy the way it is, can any of us afford to be gay?
So I guess to be gay in today's world there are a list of things that we must do to be consider GAY.

  1. The most important one is you must like the same sex.
  2. You must be a great looking
  3. You must be able to dance
  4. You must volunteer
  5. You must be an activists to some degree
  6. And now it seems that you must be rich
So let me see I don't have nor do I make a six or higher figure income, I can't afford to take month long vacations to faraway lands. I can't afford to buy high cost name brand clothes.

So what do I have?

I have a decent job; have some money to do what I want to do. I do own my car flat out and the biggest thing is that I own my home, that is rights; no payment each month. When I brought my home a year ago it was paid in full the day my partner and I signed the paperwork. I feel I made a good deal the house was built in 1910, in very good shape, it was on the market for four years during that time it was broken into and some damage was done. I got my place well below the market value.

So does the fact that I can't afford the said mention things make me less gay? If so they we are nothing more than a group of sorry ass men and women would are not happy unless we can out do the straights. And if this is the case, then you can have my fucking faggot membership card now.

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