Thursday, September 18, 2008

SNT: Sarah comment on Interstateq.

I have to say, I’m not a fan.
It’s one thing to be outspoken and opinionated. It’s another thing entirely to be insulting and obnoxious. He said he can understand lesbians “going straight” but a gay man could never do that? Really?

By Sarah on Sep 15, 2008

It would seem that Sarah didn't like what I said about Lesbians going str8 faster then gay men. Instead on leaving this comment on my blog she left it on Matt's blog.

I will not be Politically Correct on my blog, I will be direct and to the point. I have notice that the LGBT can't don't stand criticism from others in LGBT community. Why? Its simply if the criticism is coming from an LGBT we can't cry homophobia, and that we are being bashed.

Ok back to the point of Lesbians going str8 faster then men. Its can also be said that Str8 women go gay faster too. I believe it has something to do with a certain sex toy. Which is the different between the fake and the real.

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