Friday, September 26, 2008

SNT: Tired of hearing about Slavery, It’s old hat get over it.

COLUMBIA -- The South Carolina and North Carolina chapters of the NAACP called the Confederate flag that flies on Statehouse grounds here a symbol of evil and terrorism and said Monday they will join in their efforts to remove it.
Oh boy isn't this a new shot to get a flag removed, all you have to claim now that is a symbol of terrorism, what a bunch of crap..

"As long as this flag blows, it pushes a foul wind of separatism, division and racism that is not contained by the borders of South Carolina," said the Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina NAACP. The two chapters of the organization used the anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation to announce new efforts.
Face it, slavery was in the past, it is time to let it go, there is not one living people who can claim they were a slave.

The battle flag was moved to its current location near the Confederate Soldiers Memorial on the north side of the Statehouse in 2000 as a result of a legislative compromise to take it off the Statehouse dome. The NAACP has protested its location ever since and organized a tourism and travel boycott of the state.
It seem no matter what they do will not please the NAACP or others on this topic. Since the Flag is now flying at the CSM on the north size the matter should be close.

Barber said the battle flag is wrong morally "because it supported the evils of slavery."
So I guess the south can't have symbols of their past display. If so then there should be no MLK, and MLK JR streets, avenues or lane in any city or town in the south. There should be a national Holiday for his birthday either.

"We wouldn't allow al-Qaida to fly their flag," he said. "We wouldn't allow the Bloods and the Crips to fly their flag. We wouldn't allow another country to fly its flag. We should not allow that which represents terrorism and secession to be flown."
We do allow another country to flies their flag; I can only guess that many haven't been the UN. Where there is a flag for every Nation there that Fly every day. And the Park Plaza fly a nation fly of those foreign diplomat have are visiting and staying at the Park Plaza.

Slavery has existed, in one form or another, through the whole of recorded human history — as have, in various periods, movements to free large or distinct groups of slaves. According to the Biblical Book of Exodus, Moses led Israelite slaves out of ancient Egypt — possibly the first written account of a movement to free slaves. Later Jewish laws (known as Halacha) prevented slaves from being sold out of the Land of Israel, and allowed a slave to move to Israel if he so desired. The Cyrus Cylinder, inscribed about 539 BC by the order of Cyrus the Great of Persia, abolished slavery and allowed Jews and other nationalities who had been enslaved under Babylonian rule to return to their native lands. Abolitionism should be distinguished from efforts to help a particular group of slaves, or to restrict one practice, such as the slave trade.

So blacks (African, and African American) weren't the only group to be enslaved at some point and time in our history. It's old hat and time to move on.

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