Sunday, September 14, 2008

SNT: Queston of the Day, Did Will and Grace Show really Help the Gay Community

    * Will Truman (Eric McCormack)

A gay lawyer and longtime best friend of Grace. He has a very neurotic side, especially when it comes to cleaning. Several characters have commented that his relationship with Grace is more like a couple than that of two friends.

What is the stereotype here? A lonely depress gay male who can't get a date no matter what he does.  A Clean freak.

    * Grace Adler (Debra Messing)

An interior designer with an apparent obsession with food. Grace has been best friends with Will since college. They were a couple in the 1980s until Will realized he was gay after meeting his friend Jack.

What is the stereotype here? The Signal gal who has a crush on her gay best friend, who knows she can never have him and base all her relationship around him.

    * Jack McFarland (Sean Hayes)

One of Will's best friends, he is flamboyant and superficial. Jack drifts from boyfriend to boyfriend and job to job, including a struggling actor, retail associate and student nurse. Early on in the show he strikes up a close friendship with Karen.

What is the stereotype here? Basically a gay unemployed slut who want to be an actor with no brains.

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