Saturday, September 13, 2008

SNT: Mr Gay Canada

VANCOUVER - There will be a sash, swimsuits and a title, but this is no ordinary beauty pageant.
From Sept. 18 to 21, the search for Mr. Gay Canada is on.

Organizers say they're looking for brains, not brawn, in the inaugural nationwide competition to be held at Celebrities nightclub in Vancouver and various venues in Whistler.

"We're looking for somebody who has presence and confidence and can represent our country on an international level," said organizer Terry Costa.

Mr. Gay Canada should be articulate, smart, and be able to speak on behalf of the community "about equal rights, an inclusive society and a better world," he added.

The 10 delegates, including five from B.C., will be judged on appearance (15 per cent) and on character and leadership (85 per cent).

What a bunch of shit, we all know to be Mr Gay that 85% or more on appearance then character.

This is what they are looking for:

These not need to apply, anyone over 20 lbs in weight and anyone who is appearance said that they are over 30.

Where does this self hate and body type hate stop.

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