Sunday, September 21, 2008

SNT: We have a Winner (Mr. Canada)

Gee, who would have guess a blond with blue eyes has won, however like I have said in my others blogs on this subject. I also have notice that none of these had facial hair, I wonder why. I guess it would have made then look to straight. 
More on the winner, via email.
Darren Bruce
Date of Birth: Jan. 11, 1983
Nationality: Canadian.
Languages: English, French
Ethnic roots: English, Irish, Scotish
Education: University of British Columbia Graduate - BaSc Engineering Physics
Hobbies: Skiing, Yoga, Biking, Travelling
North Vancouver… is the mountains and the ocean; It gives people a respect for nature on one side and human civilization on the other.
Favourite quote:The colour of a man's skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes" - Bob Marley

Lets see there was one with Jamaican roots, and with Chinese roots, two with wild hair. However all had the body type, about the same weight,  below are the other
Note all images can be found on the Mr. Canada website by clicking here, copyright to their holders.
these guys all look like cookie cutter types. 
I received the following sometime back:

Mr. Gay Canada has not run a full contest since 1990 when Dean Ryane won the title.  In 2006 I took up the brand again and started working on molding the competition and working with the organizers of International Mr. Gay.  In 2007 we appointed James Coburn to represent Canada in the International Mr. Gay and gained intelligence from the point of view from the delegate.  This year, 2008, we have been canvasing the nation looking for delegates to enter in the competition.  We actually had a "Bear" from the Yukon and another "Bear" from Winnipeg that both had to pull out of the competition for work related issues.  It is too bad as they would have been a great addition to this year's competition.

Again, we the organizers of MGC, are looking for delegates that will be the best ambassador for our community and help break down the negative sterotypes the media continues to engage.  It appears that the men that have the confidence to enter into this type of competition have similar looks.  We hope that next year we will have more diverse applicants to choose from.  Perhaps next year you will want to enter yourself?

Thank you again for your comments, we hope to see you at Celebrities this coming Thursday.
Warm regards,
Yet all the contestants are the usual stereotypes of the gay community.Tall handsome, well define body, great hair, basically saying if you don't look like us then you are nothing, not important, you don't count. If they were looking for someone to represent our community I have a few choice which I feel are better, Bruce Vilanch and Harvery Fierstein, but even these two great writers and actor, and activists don't fix this stereotype do they.

I'm sick of those in community telling others in our community that you must look and be and do as we or you are not apart of our community. Yet well want and are demanding equality from the str8 community while we don't even have equality in our own community. No wonder most of the country sees us a joke.

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