Monday, September 22, 2008

SNT: George Michaels back in the news

This came from the Towleroad News blog. Link to post click here.

Old habits die hard for George Michael. In a statement released on Sunday, Michael apologized to his fans and the public after being arrested once again over the weekend.

HampsteadlooBoth the venue in which his arrest was made — in men's toilets near London's Hampstead Heath — and the reasons for his arrest — possession of crack cocaine and cannabis — are not unfamiliar to Michael.

Michael came out of the closet in 1998 after exposing himself to an undercover cop in toilets in Will Rogers Park in Beverly Hills, California in 1998. He has also been caught coming out of a "cottaging" area on Hampstead Heath in 2006 with another man, and has had prior drug arrests after being found passed out in the driver's seat of his car.

Ok, so he was caught once again doing drugs, this isn't exactly new news is it. So it was in the restroom again not new news. Do we really need to know his every action, just because he is in the public eye, hell no. I would like to see someone but these reporters and photographers lives all over the papers and news wires. They have their own lives and we really don't need to know everything about them.

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